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Reading Course On Day Convolution Winter 2023:

January 20: Richard Blute: Video Notes Part 1 Notes Part 2

January 27: Phil Scott: Video Notes (for both of Phil’s talks)

February 3: Phil Scott: Video

February 10: Richard Blute Video Slides

Logic Seminars

Fall 2022 Logic Seminar:

October 18: Richard Blute Video Notes

November 3: Ali Hamad Video

November 8: Marek Zawadowski Video

Winter 2023 Logic Seminar:

January 18: Richard Blute: Video

January 25: Jean-Baptiste Vienney: Video

February 1: Sacha Ikonicoff: Video

March 1: Mario Roman: Video Slides

March 8: Richard Blute: Video Slides

Winter 2022 Logic Seminar:

January 21: Richard Blute Video Notes

February 3: Alex Kurz Video Notes

February 10: Cesar Bardomiano Martinez Video Notes

February 18: Walter Tholen: Video Notes

March 7: Morgan Rogers Video Notes

March 10: Samuel Desrochers Video Notes

Fall 2021 Logic Seminar:

Winter 2021 Logic Seminar:

Fall 2020 Logic Seminar: